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Angelina Jolie writes eyewitness account from Iraq 

[Cross-posted] Late last week, Angelina Jolie, UNHCR ambassadrice and actress, wrote an open letter published in The Washington Post, reporting her observations in .
   I am always keen to hear first-hand reports rather than things filtered through some editorial agenda. This publication is no exception: I make it no secret that we support environmental causes—and have done so long before they were . (We probably made them trendy, or played a part in that, which was my stated aim when UN Radio asked me why Lucire would help them promote the environmental movement in the early 2000s.)
   I also make it no secret that we support animal welfare and business practices.
   When Michael Yon telephoned me a while back I wanted to hear directly from him about his experiences being embedded with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
   Too many , sadly, function on and sales first, the personal aggrandizement of the journalist second, and the truth somewhere further down the line. On that we differ. We see reporting as a cherished duty and it is Job No. 1.
   Over the weekend I told three of my cousins, who are in their late teens to early 20s, the same thing and they agreed. They are obviously very perceptive but it is worrying we have already given our young people that cynicism.
   Thus when I read ’s letter, I thought we finally read something fair with the only agenda being pushed those of the UNHCR. There are no in there, or the taking of an anti-war or pro-war position. It certainly made better reading than some of the rants over the last (almost) five years.
   Some highlights include:

Here is what we do know: More than 2 million people are inside their own country—without homes, jobs and, to a terrible degree, without medicine, food or clean water. and other acts of unspeakable violence have driven them into a vast and very dangerous no-man’s land. …
    An additional 2.5 million have sought refuge outside Iraq, mainly in Syria and Jordan. …
   I’m not a security expert, but it doesn’t take one to see that and are carrying an unsustainable burden.

   Ms Jolie met with Gen David Petraeus, the commander who is leading the against and other terrorist groups within Iraq. She also met with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
   She continues:

My visit left me even more deeply convinced that we not only have a moral obligation to help displaced Iraqi families, but also a serious, long-term, national security interest in ending this crisis.
   Today’s crisis in Iraq—and the potential consequences for our national security—are great. Can the afford to gamble that 4 million or more poor and displaced people, in the heart of Middle East, won’t explode in violent desperation, sending the whole region into further disorder? …
   As for the question of whether the surge is working, I can only state what I witnessed: U.N. staff and those of non-governmental organizations seem to feel they have the right set of circumstances to attempt to scale up their programs. …
   It seems to me that now is the moment to address the humanitarian side of this situation. Without the right support, we could miss an opportunity to do some of the good we always stated we intended to do.

   Ms Jolie believes that spending on humanitarian crises makes sense, and the expenditure to help the people of Iraq is a lot less than on the war itself.
   Through their return and the rebuilding of their lives, they will be able to stand up against the terrorists.
   What would be fatal is leaving the Iraqi people to fend for themselves, and it is up to the international community to show its goodwill in helping another nation.
   Pro-war or anti-war, I believe most of us share the view that we humans are capable of helping one another and should when the occasion arises. The appeal amount is US$261 million for this year, which Ms Jolie is set to help bring in.
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Iraq: A Hopeless Cause

It has been far to long and I am sick and tired of our country fighting a war we don't need. With all the problems in our country, why are we concerning ourselves more with others. It has been 4 1/2 years too long and we need to take action NOW!!!! The Bush Administration needs to take a closer look at their Bible, "remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:5) While America has been paying attention to every other country, the U.S. has been experiencing economic problems, unemployment, a stalled housing market, and a growing deficit. Every day we fight this war all of those problems listed worsen, and as they worsen our country fails it's citizens more and more. If we don't end this war now it will never end. The world is moving to fast for us to waste time on meaningless conflicts.  
my my my.....another comment about how bad we have it here because of this war.
Do you have a roof over your head, food to eat, water to drink? Wake up, this is the land of plenty and we all have, or have access to, more than many in Iraq could even dream about. We are so selfish and self absorbed that the bigger picture just escapes us.....what will happen if we leave?
Do you really think, after all the enemy has said, written and proven in actions we think unspeakable, that they don't mean what they say? They stated recently that the reason they will win this conflict is because we love life, and they love death...in particular, ours.
They are glorifed in death....we are horrified if we cant afford our lattes. Get a grip, they mean business...and we are at the top of their list, right next to Israel.
England looked the other way and look what is happening there....the radical Muslims are demanding a separate system of laws, and the English, by being so sensitive and politically correct, are setting themselves up for a day of reckoning, all the while patting themselves on the back with the hand the radical would cut off for sport.
History has given us lessons to live by and a visit to the Holocast Museum might serve to refresh your memory to what happens when we ignore statements that crazy people make. These radicals would love to see us pack up and leave and pave the way for yet another region they can terrorize. And all the men who chose to serve and who saw the danger, is it ok with you that they will have died in vain?....because we are having economic problems and are tired of being inconvenienced???? We will be fine, we are a strong and resilient country. If you dare to think for one moment that what we are experiencing is horrible, you are not paying attention to the plight of those who fall under the control of these idiots.
Stop whining and focusing on what you dont have. Take time to be thankful that you can walk outside, speak your peace, take care of your family, worhip as you see fit and lay your head to rest at night without your hair getting sandy, and never having to worry about said head being removed for not complying.
What is it going to take for this shortsightedness to end? This is a war of beliefs....of divine missions in the heads of our enemies. They laugh, and rightly so, at our naivety. They count on it. That, and our selfishness and distaste of anything unpleasant.
Wake up. If we don't contain the war of the deities over there, they will be more than happy to bring it here.
Do some homework on the messages they send. We are actually making a dent in their operations...and they are now recruiting women and children to fill in the gaps. The horror level at which they operate is unfathomable to us on a human level, so perhaps we should look at them with a little set of subhuman glasses, and be sure to clean them first.
The Iraqui people are grateful for our help, but we really don't hear much about that. We are doing God's work by not abandoning them when daylight is in sight. They have a long way to go, it won't happen quickly, but if we leave, it won't happen at all.
Perhaps simpler terms will put it in perspective....do your bills get paid anway because you tire of them? Does the rain not fall on your leaky roof because you would rather spend money on something more "fun"? It's all relative and the fact you call it a "meaningless war" suggests to me you are just clueless. Do a little less whining and a little more reading...or our economic issues will pale in comparison to what lies ahead.  
after writing the first one, but not having registered, i wrote a second because i feared the first one lost. please pick one...don't bore people with both. :-)
thanks for letting me vent...  
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