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The stuff I’ve written and the speeches I’ve given are all over the place. This is the first effort we’ve made to assemble some of it. It’s not an exhaustive list—bear in mind I’ve had magazine columns online and in print since 1992—but provides some of the highlights I’ve detailed in my résumé.

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After much encouragement, I began blogging here instead of at the Beyond Branding Blog. Within its first 12 days it was covered by Designers Who Blog, Guardian Unlimited and Spiegel Online.

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Read abstracts of and link to articles where available.

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A list of some of the speeches I’ve given.

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Some ideas that you can check out from my articles and speeches.

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The books I’m working on or have been quoted in.

Inspiring ideas

‘Jack Yan’s combination of brand theories and creative thoughts, specially within the field of cultural differences and consumer insights, gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to develop strong brand personalities that connect to … consumers’ minds and hearts.’

Rosie Kropp
Director of Marketing, Accenture
Stockholm, Sweden
July 2002
(now Global Head of Business Brand, Vodafone)


Jack Yan: the Persuader: Un acuto osservatore dei fenomeni della globalizzazione, dei diritti umani e di altri problemi, ma dal punto di vista del branding e della comunicazione. Un’ottima fonte di spunti.’

Federico Fasce
Kurai—a Sushi Weblog
August 2006


The moral globalist: making globalization work ethically

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Tools and tips
The 10 main points from my Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm speech

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