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This is what I call a target-rich environment 

Just so Mr & Mrs and their daughter Suri are aware, my jumping on to the Good Morning couch last Friday and my declaration of ‘I love !’ was meant as a humorous aside to our special. I have to remark that doing so felt completely unnatural, that soft -land couches are not good for balancing on, and when standing on Good Morning’s one, my head is cut off at the top, since camera operators don’t like changing height on .
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ha! i checked out the episode. very cool jack, that was bloody awesome.

nice tribute to your mum too.  
Thanks, Markoos! It had to be done. I have been joking about Tom for three episodes out of four. Just count yourself lucky we didn’t have the placenta there to eat …  
Found the screen grab. Also, Markoos, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that they archived the segment now. (For those reading this and don’t want to waste time waiting, we’re about 40 minutes in to the show and the couch gag is 50 minutes in.)  
That's great . . . reminds me how predictable UK tv is.  
Thanks, Kate! It’s slightly lighter fare than your GMTV (though there is an equivalent that screens earlier). We’re on from 9 to 11 a.m. (specifically our little spot is around 9.40 a.m.). I think they are getting used to my surprises!  
oh what a bummer - I miss it!  
Nuts, if you had caught this before today’s episode you could still have seen it on the web site. Oh well, I’ll think of something crazy for this Friday. But I might not be as demonstrative.  

What I would have given to see this!  
Yes, much lighter than GMTV . . . they take themselves pretty seriously. The BBC are even more staid, some mornings you do wonder if a major royal has died because they look so sombre.  
Wish you had caught it, Andrea. I don’t think I’ll be as lively this Friday as I realize I will have just flown in from another city …
   Kate, I think most of our news programmes are pretty light, even the flagship network news. They all go for younger presenters who have a joke with each other—no Michael Buerk or Ian Macaskill (I know he’s retired but I could have sworn that gentleman was speaking Viking and not English)!  
"I don’t think I’ll be as lively this Friday as I realize I will have just flown in from another city …"

Come on now Jack, you've now got a reputation to uphold! Everyone wants to see 'what Jack will do next'! ;)  
I don’t want to be the Kramer of the show! Mind you, that is better than being the George Costanza. Given this week, Mack, I suspect my Alexa rankings will take a tumble.  
Jack in this case, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to your Alexa stats. Your stats went down again this week, and I had to check on it, because you've been going down I think every week since I started the rankings, when you should have been doing the exact opposite.

I think I've found out what the 'problem' is. For blogs that are older than 3 months, each day Alexa will drop the traffic ranking you had 3 months ago, and add in the ranking for that day. For example...if on Feb 21st your Alexa ranking was 50,000, but today, it was 125,000, your 3-month average will still fall slightly.

In February and early March, you had a very nice uptick in your Alexa ranking, and that boosted your Alexa ranking, but now your Alexa ranking isn't quite as high as it was in February and March, so that's why your 3-month Alexa average is going down a bit.

But it works both ways. In the middle of March, your ranking was down a bit, so if you stay about where you are now or increase, by the middle of next month your Alexa 3-month average will start to rise again.

Yes, it gets a bit complicated ;) This was why I was saying it's better to look at the Alexa rankings long-term moreso than week to week.  
Thanks for that, Mack. What you are saying is that it is a moving average, which I imagine is a good way to measure the ranking—anyone can be good for a day by getting their mates together, but a sustained ranking is harder.
   I think the bottom line for me is that I blog when I like—and I need to keep that in context, rather than aim to blog so I can get my rankings up. But it’s still good to bear in mind. I feel quite heartened that for a new blog, which has only existed since January, these rankings are not too bad—even if I might head south of the cut-off 250,000 mark at this current rate.  
Jack for a 5-month old blog, anything under 500,000 is pretty good IMO. You're well ahead of that. Like you said, you have to blog when you want, and about what you want.  
Thanks, Mack! Plus I don’t use IE6, otherwise I am sure I could have fudged the figures slightly in my favour (as it is Alexa-enabled).  
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