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Farewell to Netscape Navigator 

A New Year begins (happy New Year!), and an era draws to a close. If any of you have been surfing for as long as me, you’ll have good memories of the Netscape Navigator , which I began using at version 1·1. (I did use the original, black-and-white version 1·0 at university.) Watching the browser work on a PowerMac in colour was astonishing.
   I had been developing digital magazines for a little while before that, but not strictly for the World Wide Web. But it was that showed me that there were much bigger possibilities with this “phase” which I was going through.
   Sadly, after eight versions (Netscape 5 never publicly saw the light of day), AOL, the owner of Netscape, has decided to retire the browser on February 1.
   This comes as no surprise: ever since the excellent 4·7 (I never upgraded to 4·8), Netscape has not come forth with a class-leading browser, overtaken by the version 5 releases by Internet Explorer.
   I’ve dealt with Netscape’s post-version 4 shortcomings before, but in brief, most users agree that the version 6 Communicator suite was clumsy and version 7 did little to reverse the decline. (I still have 7·1 installed as I quite like the newsgroup browser.)
   From a strictly nostalgic point of view, I am sad that an era draws to a close with Netscape ’s retirement. Then again, I only use my 7·1 two or three times a year. Given that its market share was c. 90 per cent in the 1990s, and it now has a measly share of 0·6 per cent, this is no surprise. I’m better off removing even 7·1 and looking for a nice, stand-alone newsgroup browser.
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My fist new PC computer a Pentium I came with Mosaic but my ISP gave me a disc with Netscape, this was in March of 1996. I remember the first version of IE but preferred Netscape, which I used almost exclusively. I started using IE exclusively at the end of 2000. Someone dropped the ball in that they went from a position of dominance to obsolescence. Getting every box maker to preload IE as the default browser must have been a factor.  
I never tried IE till version 3 when, I think, it was bundled with Windows 95. Even then, I stayed with Netscape. I would have switched around the same time: I had a friend who got a job at an ISP and gave me its customized IE5. Maybe it was 2001 as she only graduated in late 2000.
   I simply think Microsoft got serious about the internet and made a better browser. IE5 was more efficient and it displayed graphics better—by this time, Netscape 4·7 was getting less and less compliant with the technologies of the time.  
I think that the release after Netscape 4.7 is when I made the switch. When I bought my third computer a Pentium III 800 MHz is when I started using IE exclusivly  
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