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Eight things that you did not know about me 

About a year ago, I said I really hated these memes being forwarded. But it’s been so long since I’ve been tagged with one that it doesn’t seem to matter as much. So, Dannie Jost, thank you for this—though as you’ve noticed I still don’t believe in tagging others. If you want to do it and you saw it on this blog, please feel free to add your link in the comments. I would like to see K. in Hong Kong give it a shot, ditto Markoos over in Queensland, but no pressure on either of you. Maybe Stefan as well?
   1. I am a champagne snob and believe I could, not that I have ever put myself to the test, tell the difference between the French stuff and the local stuff.
   2. While I have driven all manner of sports cars, the first time I actually broke the 200 km/h barrier was in an Opel Astra.
   3. I usually have four or five books on the go at any one time, so I find it hard to believe that an interviewee would only list one for the ‘What I’m reading’ question in some publications.
   4. I was baptised in an Anglican church but believe in a different type of hell than the one generally taught.
   5. Most Myers–Briggs tests say I am introverted, which must be really odd for a blogger.
   6. I have no idea or concept of what marijuana smells like and am in no hurry to ever know.
   7. I have a greater admiration for Gerald R. Ford as president than for many others.
   8. If I wasn’t such a coward, I would have made a crank phone call to Chérie Blair when she was here in New Zealand and impersonated her husband.
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6. I have no idea or concept of what marijuana smells like and am in no hurry to ever know.

Jack, it tastes like coffee. hahaha.

Thanks for the tag, this is going to be a major revelation.  
I will be interested to see what comes up!  
I love to now 8 more thinks every week of the year!  
Thanks for going for it like a good sport Jack. I certainly enjoyed reading your 8 bits.  
hello jack, i happen to bounce from k's site. lovely blog you have here!

marijuana? it does taste like coffee as k said. very earthy! and i wont admit this to anyone, but i tried it very much later in life. i beleive i was twenty five when i had a puff of this mary j. and for some reason, it dried out my throat and i was left gulping a whole liter of h20. hahahah!  
I am a little disturbed by the marijuana–coffee comparisons and I will be wary of spending too much time at cafés now!  
8. Whom is Clerie? That would be funny so do it.
7. I was in my 20’s when Ford was President; I thought that he insulted everyone’s
Intelligence when he did a PR stunt with those “WIN” buttons: Whip Inflation Now.
Like it was the people’s fault that the Fed and our government mismanaged our economy.
6. Obviously you didn’t grow up in California ;) I tried it but didn’t get high and didn’t like
it, but I don’t smoke either.
5. I’ve never taken the test and am unaware of the criteria. I’m less introverted than I was
in my younger days.
4. My parents reared me as a Methodist, my father was Russian Orthodox. I don’t believe in Hell.
And think that reincarnation makes more sense. How do we really know? Still I’m searching
3. This reminds me of a magazine add for a brand of liquor that listed things about the celebrity
pictured in the ad including latest book read.
2. I’ve done more than 200 km/ph on several motorcycles, most of my cars wouldn’t go that fast.
1. Korbell is produced in Sonoma County California and is excellent. I prefer extra dry to Bruit.
And usually buy White Star from France.  
Interesting post Jack. You sure about that Mary Jane claim? ;-)  
What is a ‘Mary Jane claim’? Sorry, I am unfamiliar with the expression, it’s not in my main dictionary and I could only find a little over a dozen references to it in Google, none of which seem to fit this post.  
Jack… Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack. And here I was thinking you were a man of the world. I have to confess to never having experienced Marijuana directly(plently of unwanted passive smoking I'm sure)- never even held a lit cigarette of any kind as it happens. However: that doesn't mean I am naive about its role in popular culture. Marijuana has many names. For example: aunt mary, boom, chronic, dope ganja, gangster, grass, hash, herb, kif, mary jane, pot, reefer, sinsemilla, skunk, and weed. (courtesy of weedfarmer.com).

On a slightly tangential note - sorry to hear Nandor Tanczos is retiring from politics. Nothing like some bio-diversity in a rather dull kiwi parliament.  
The world, yes, David. Not the underworld.  
Curious response. If you did a straw poll of most of your friends you will find that a significant number of them will have tried or use MJ. If they tell you otherwise then they will be flying in the face of statistics - and you will be reasonably able to assume they lie about other things as well.

I hardly think the use of marijuana constitutes anything even remotely fairly described as the 'underworld'.

I find it disgusting that supermarkets, gas stations and other convenience stores in New Zealand openly sell cigarettes and the government happily collects revenues (I can only assume that the cost of care to the wounded and disingenuous funding for anti-smoking propaganda is less than the sum collected).

The turnstiles to the underworld lead you back into the over world - like an M.C. Escher lithograph of sisyphusean labours.  
I’m not sure why it is curious, David. One, it’s partly humorous. Secondly, a worldly person can exist without knowing the slang for an illegal drug. I find illegal drugs offensive, and those who sell them—who must surely be part of the underworld—more offensive, and I make no apology for it. I am quite happy to isolate those known for abusing or peddling drugs.
   I don’t mind that we have differing standards on this topic. But among my friends who have sampled marijuana, or may have continued to smoke it privately, they know better than to do so in front of me.  
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