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Jericho renewed by CBS—as predicted 

Ashley Scott in LucireCall me , but I have frequently seen a connection between being covered in Lucire and some subequent good fortune.
   Last year, I interviewed actress (photographed at left by Andrew Matusik) and, soon after, a series that she was working on at the time, , got picked up by CBS.
   This year, with having cancelled the show, we ran an updated version of my article, this time online.
   I am happy to say that CBS has now ordered seven mid-season episodes of Jericho, largely thanks to fans who campaigned to get it reinstated on the network’s schedule (“hat tip” to Media Blvd.; additional report at Hollywood Reporter).
   OK, so maybe our timing is just impeccable, but I did predict something like this would happen last month.
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What's that saying? - "the success of a raindance is dependent on its timing" - but yours was one of a number of avenues that put pressure on the network - successfully. So whether it's congratulations on your persuasion or your timing doesn't really matter does it?  
Good point, Ric, and you’re very generous. Thank you.  
Jack your article about her is wonderful, many people is akingin the forums why she hadnt pot anything aout jericho rnewal, nd reaing your artile many people would understnd it, she is dylexic and a real problem for her is read.

jericho was save for the effort of many people that loves the show, it was an incredible experience.

i'm trying to get theissue but until now all had been unsucesfully, I live in mexico, ca you suggest to me what to do?
I have a web page ww.ahleyscotthaven.com, if you want o and check it.
Jacques, thank you for your kind comment about my article. What you can do to order a back issue of Lucire is to surf to lucire.com/2007/subscribe.shtml. You can buy single back copies there. I will surf to your site now and have a browse—thank you for introducing me to it.  
Thanks Jak, i already e-mailed them asking if they can ship to Mexico, sorry for my english but it is not good and the keyboard here is not helping so much too...

Thanks for your kind words about my web page, i'm trying to do my best posting Ashley news but is a bit hard, i'm from Mexico and I can't still find who is her agent to ask him where send her fan mail -people ask me it a lot- or news to keep all her fans updated.

I fixed my magazines section because 4 months ago some one sent me the scann of the magazines pages but i didn't know which magazine was until now i read your article.

I already post the link to your article here:

All people says it is a beautiful article. Thanks so much, an anytime you come to mexico, tell me, would be a pleasure show you unknow places to make a wonderful article...  
Wow, that’s so awesome. Thank you. I have just read the CBS board comments and I am glad I could bring Ashley’s dyslexia to light. She is a tremendously nice lady.
   As to her agent, would you believe even I don’t know? I believe our photographer is a friend of hers, and he arranged the shoot before we even did the interview.
   Can I make one tiny suggestion? At this page, you have given my name an extra letter. If you get time, could you take out the extra g, please?
   Also, if you need it, you can download the cover to issue 16 here. I think there is a slightly bigger one at the Lucire domain, here (201 pixels wide). It is not our best cover—the photographer took others and they were better. Personally, I think Ashley should have been the cover girl.  
Thank you for this beautiful, insightful article on Ashley. Your words brought her to life for me * she appears to be a genuinely sweet person. She has been a great asset to Jericho & will now be again.
Thank you.  
Upsss... sorry Mr. Yan, it's already fixed...


Have a nice day and kep going with your excellent work. If you get the chance to interview her again some day, I'll love you would give us the info about what magazine and issue would be, so I'll try to get it, and please, tell her her fans are a bit lost about where send her fan mail.

Waves from the Mexico...  
Jacques, not a problem—it was a tiny thing and a lot of people make that mistake. Thank you for being so quick in fixing that for me.
   I’ll keep you posted if I do a follow-up with Ashley. I haven’t been in touch with her for a few months, but I am so glad that she will be back for a second, if briefer, season of Jericho.
   To Jericho Saved, thank you so much for your kind words. I felt that Ashley is the real deal—I remember we made a tiny error in the printed version and she just brushed it off as a humorous glitch. She doesn’t sweat the little things and truly believes in the goodness of people. It makes a refreshing change from the often negative image of Hollywood.  
PS.: Please call me Jack. I like my blogs informal …  
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