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Out of the One funk 

[Cross-posted] is a year behind on Life on Mars, and I note from a One ad just now that Derren Brown’s (pictured at left, by Mark Berry) Séance will air next week. I know we are necessarily behind the on British programmes, but I don’t remember us being this far behind since the 1970s. A three-year-old show? What is happening? Now with Cold Case, Without a Trace and other American shows on One, is this the end of the British influence on our networks?
   And people wonder why as a whole is doing so poorly. It’s simply not delivering what people want. I can say that with some more authority, having been an insider.
   Incidentally, having left Good Morning, my theory has been proven right: my profile is up. The results are in: May saw eight across the company—up on 2006, but down on some months in 2003–5 where we were seeing something written about us at least daily. (The idea that appearing on TV regularly enhances your profile is, I can now say, bollocks.) It is reaching the levels (measured in column inches and mentions) it was at before I began on the show; indeed, we seem to be returning, as a company, to pre-2004 levels, before we made some bad hiring decisions. I do seem to have rid myself of the negative influences in my life—and Good Morning, and whatever sickness TVNZ has, were the last.
   I love being proved right—it was a good lesson, reminding myself to stick to my guns, remembering that sort of magic that helped us get an international clientèle to begin with, and exposing me to seeing a bad that wasn’t paying me to fix it. It’s not every day I have that opportunity: while I have seen ill , I am usually called in after they have realized they need help. TVNZ has not got there yet and, in recent memory, is the only first-hand example I have of an organization I got to see over a period that wants to stay in its funk. It had more often been a -textbook theory.
   As to my personal profile, I believe the slip in press mentions was due to an energy mismatch here at work in 2005–6 and the fact that appearing on Good Morning took me away from building my appearances doing the things that mattered to me as a . From a - standpoint, it was not , to borrow from Johnnie Moore. Not that that was the intent: I had been promised by the network that I could promote Lucire, most of all, through the show. That promise, as those of you who listened to my voice post last month, was not kept.
   Furthermore, I cannot see, with hindsight, how the ‘You’ve Got Male’ segment was a dignified forum for a company leader. I say this with respect to men like Paul Sinclair, with whom I regularly stay in contact.
   When I think of interviews I have had with or the , the show went against the image I had built up as a .
   As each week passes, I feel more comfortable with my decision to leave Good Morning, and the positive consequences are coming up more frequently.
   My main regrets are endorsing the show to friends, getting caught up in it. I should have recommended that Laural and not appear, though it was a good excuse to catch up in Wellington. Jennifer Hamilton of Avidiva reports no increase in profile, bookings or ‘Oh, I saw you on …’ since appearing on Good Morning.
   You may see me on C4 in mid-July (to be confirmed), and there may be some news that could net some television attention in late June–early July. The key is to not get sucked in to negative organizations or be around negative people as part of my routine—and if I have to appear on a TVNZ , then it must be totally in line with my real job and personal mission.
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Then I shan't worry one jot if the Good Morning show choose to not interview me! I've got my very first interview (with the Taupo Times) next week. Most excited!  
Dawn, you will share this with us in your blog, yes? (The interview transcript or a scan of it.)
   I remember being interviewed on Good Morning a few times before I was a regular panellist, and even then, I recall that it made little difference. Except I could count those times as “press coverage” (we don’t count self-authored articles or regular presenting roles at my company).
   Unless the viewing audience is your demographic (I assume it is quite narrow, given what is sold on the show’s infomercials), I doubt Good Morning would be effective.  
I think that your demographic was definitely not the viewing audience of Good Morning. I have a friend who used to appear on the cooking segments. I don't think the show did much if anything to increase his profile either.  
True, Wendywings. Even my little magazines seem to be more effective. It took six months before someone came up to me to say she saw me on the show, and 100 per cent of the time I was on, no one hiring me for public speaking ever referred to Good Morning. I remained better known for my real job(s).  
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