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Driving us crazy 

This Friday on Good Morning: . I have to wonder about this one. Clumsy women drivers are certainly the stuff of , and women like and have shown the boys that the “fair sex” is not to be messed with behind the wheel.
   However, to date Brigid has allowed me to drive each time, and everyone close to me (and every regular blog reader) knows of my love for . Knock on wood, in nearly 20 years I have been accident-free, and that’s driving on three continents.
   I don’t think you can tear boys away from their : it’s how we’re wired. We have been raised around them. is more compelling than a Meg Ryan comedy. is only cool because he used to have a talking Trans Am, not because he made a few bob wearing red trunks. I am considered cool in male conversations because I have driven some amazing vehicles.
   So, we have staked our claim. Cars are our turf. But does this answer the topic on Friday, which forces Paul and me (Barry is away, so ex-cop Dave will probably appear) to consider other aspects of cars, men and women?
   Let me think. No man will admit that a woman is a safer . No woman will admit that a man can take directions better. When it comes to , I think we are pretty well split. Brigid has cussed as a passenger at other clumsy drivers, while I do the Roger Moore thing, and nod and smile. I am the moron who lets people into intersections (unless they are driving BMW 3-series or various Corollas).
   Women buy an awful lot of . An awful lot. The boys will argue it’s because they need the protection and make some comment. I suspect that if I really start quizzing the girls, they will admit that the wheel arches of the GMC Jimmy remind them of a man’s pectoral muscles, the same reason we boys are drawn to Aston Martin DB7s and Jaguar E-types.
   This is primal stuff, even if no one wants to admit it, going right back to how our brains are wired and what we are drawn to. Gender-wise, we are probably as bad as each other. Cars are all about sex: girls and their Jimmys. Boys and their Ferraris. Sex. I think that is what they want to hear on Friday.
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Hello Jack! Well that is true that cars are quite related with sex. That's why most boys drive fancy or cars that are some sort of a babe magnet. Think of post-prom sex on an empty lot. lol

Regarding to 25 peeps. I will probably try again and also paste in a new picture.. hehehe And I got your email. Thank you for the offer but I wasnt able to monitor stuff since I was out yesterday seeing my friends  
I drive a sports car, so I have to admit that says something about me. Well, it did when I bought it: the idea was to signal that I was a bachelor and didn’t need heaps of space. (Ironically, the first thing I did after buying it was help a friend move all her belongings so she could return to England!) Of course, since meeting Brigid, a coupé might not be quite the right image and I noted she passed some favourable comments about the Citroën C4 berline.
   On 25 Peeps, I may try again, too, and no worries about that email. But my ‘Camera Guy’ pic was so cool. However, I notice another “peeper” has tried again with the same image (the drawing of the woman on a palm, which is already in the Hall of Fame).
   With hindsight, I don’t mind a pic of you and Odd kissing, but I think we should see more of you!  
Dangerous territory Jack ... tread carefully.
However, a Trans Am can't drag The Hoff into the realms of cool after this release - In fact I don't think the Aston Martin could save him! (btw I need to find a way to get myself behind the wheel of some of the cars on your list!)  
I was pondering on the same question, about why so many women buy and drive SUVs. However, about women being bad drivers, there is no conclusive scientific or statistical evidence to prove it. It's just an unsubstantiated myth, which is degrading to women. About the myth about men and directions, I think the myth auto-propogates as men hear it, and then either go the other way, or keep on with the "tradition" of "I don't need directions".  
very interesting observations. lol!

my friend, the queer chef, sent me to say hi! ;)  
Hi Joy: it’s why I said the bad woman driver idea is a ‘sexist stereotype’. Statistics actually show women are safer than men.
   Ribbitcus, welcome! I’ll pop by your blog in a tick.
   John, these cars are some of the perks to being a publisher. You know, the Hoff has a pretty good voice, in my view. Sure, it is bloody uncomfortable to watch …  
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