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‘If Yan can cook, then so can you!’ 

Yesterday on Good Morning, although it was filmed on Tuesday (shh, I’m not allowed to tell you), netted me the most number of comments in a day. Barry, Paul and I had an extra 10 minutes to , taking over from the regular chef on the show, not that we had any idea we were to do this, after discussing men in the .
   The results give life to the adage, ‘Too many cooks spoil the venison meatballs,’ and after the cameras went back to Sarah, I added sesame oil and soya sauce to the meat. I am, after all, a very, very distant relative to Martin Yan, the . I know what I am doing. It’s in the genes.
   The Jack and Brigid courtship gags were limited to one, referring to my tie, which will give both of us some relief while courting in the public eye.
   We were perhaps more relaxed knowing that the segment wasn’t live, and because I managed to sleep more, I was more on form. But the live buzz wasn’t there.
   On the same day, I met and Megan Alatini, two of the judges from (Stables, the third judge, appeared weeks before). While I am too old to be on that show, I did impress them with my impersonations. Somehow, Stables’ job is secure.
   Watch us between 30 and 55 minutes in to the programme this weekend on the web before our day is replaced with Monday’s show.
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Martin Yan of "Yan Can Cook" !? STIR FRY NOT STARE FRY! Me and my little brother use to watch him everyday after school. Small world. How distant a relative jack?  
Same bloke. Pretty distant. There’s definitely a common ancestor around AD 1400, but I think we are probably closer than that given that our families are from the same province.
   You’re still up as well?  
wow that's pretty cool, I love yan can cook, I also add soy sauce to alot of my cooking, in fact my favourite type of food to eat is asian, whenever we're in Auckland or Whangarei I always buy fresh sushi, wish I knew how to make it though *sigh*  
It’s a shame that the cooking thing was a one-shot for us. And we didn’t get paid any more! Not sure how one makes sushi, either, but I do enjoy it!  
Is this your own show Jack? OR you have a regular slot or something? Sounds very cool!  
Pete, I just have a tiny segment on it each Friday morning. But I have been asking for my own show, in jest! In the words of Tony Ferrino, ‘I sing, I dance, I chitty-chat. All in all, I have a big package.’  
Now there is an argument I don't see them having an answer for. I'm sure you'll be internationally syndicated in no time ;)  
I probably send them more people via the internet than anyone else!  
Hehe, thats a fairly safe bet.  
Wow that is quite cool Jack!!! Though I havent seen Yan Can Cook yet. Is it only in NZ?  
Hi Charles: it’s an American show, and you can find the official show here. It did air down here many years ago though. I’m sure you can find some additional references Googling Martin Yan as he is pretty well known among Chinese TV chefs.  
I loved "Yan Can Cook", it was great show. I am looking forward to having your own show for sure, its just a matter of time.  
Thanks, Blackops! It’s not an ambition of mine to have my own show, but I joke about it all the time. I guess it’s because a lot of TV is crap these days, and not particularly witty, either. There’s room for a late-night variety show and I am very Steve Allen in my humour.  

Thanks for visiting my Blog. Love your Blog!

Well I couldn't cook even if my life depended on it!! Mum refuses to let me/teach me to cook, cause she doesn't want me to make a mess of it!! I'm doomed.

I'm 19 now, and I can just see myself always having microvavable
food and have takeaways/going out to eat!!  
Hi Resh: thanks for coming by! It was just great to find another Wellington blog.
   I learned to cook in my early 20s, so there is still time!  
You know never Jack, right now I am a big fan of "The Late Night Show with David Letterman"--as of late he has received nominations for an Emmy award and he usually wins however his shows have not been the greatest, I am amazed of what he programs on there and its still a top-rated show. Now with all the reality shows of which MOST are crap and boring and FIXED, there isnt much to watch. A throw back to Steve Allen is something that just might work. Think about it.  
That is true. I am a huge fan of Letterman and as far as I am concerned, the late night kings have been Allen, Carson and Letterman. And my surname ends in n, too. Leno is a joke, though I am sure there are millions who will disagree.
   The gap-toothed one has managed to keep his show fresh in the 12 or so years I have watched it; and apparently, Steve Allen was his idol when growing up. So you may well be right there, BlackOps.  
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