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‘Who are these people?’ ‘I’m having trouble controlling the volume of my voice!’ 

Folks may be wondering, with all the nip–tuck operations I am doing on the blog, why there are three strangers to the top right of this page. After I was voted off 25 Peeps (jeepers, I make it sound like the blogosphere’s , without the sexual assaults), there were a few good people I wanted to champion. (For an explanation of the 25 Peeps site, go to my first post earlier this year about it.)
   The first person, who is no longer there either, was Citizen Brand’s Mike Swenson. Then, Atul at Things I’ve Noticed, who also got voted off before me. I knew Mike prior to his appearance at 25 Peeps, but Atul I discovered through it.
   I managed 12 days and am now no. 49 in the 25 Peeps Hall of Fame, but in that time, the site has introduced me to some decent folks whose blogs I will visit regularly.
   These three folks are the following. Lynn shares her poetry at Sprigs, Shane’s (or Camera Guy No. 2, according to Lynn, since I was the first) blog is called Daddy, Coder, Gamer, Photographer, and Sandalina is going through the days leading up to her wedding at Sandalina Bambina (surely a reason to visit). They were kind enough to promote me, or mention me, and it’s the least I can do in return—and I am happy to say all three are now regularly among the top at 25 Peeps, thanks partly to clicks of readers of this blog. Thank you. And thank you for keeping the people wearing next to nothing lower on the scale, including the man with his bum cleavage and—um, what do you call a necklace you wear on your waist above your ass?
   Given the way the works, as well as coComment, I’ve surfed to must-read blogs that have given me some real enjoyment, including Citizen of the Month (via Sprigs). And as I type this, I realize my friend Charles—the Queer Chef, whom I met via K’s blog—is now on 25 Peeps as well.
   Considering that we all applied months ago, the coincidences were interesting to see, not to mention that four guys had the idea to pose with their cameras in their 25 Peeps photos. (Charles, I might try to find a pic of you without your boyfriend to put up at right. I probably wouldn’t have a het couple having a snog, either, but more significantly, I see more of Odd than I do of you in your pic!)
   The fascinating thing is how can be quickly formed, not just because there is a common cause—to see someone stay at 25 Peeps—but because we all find some at having been, or being, 25 Peeps alumni. Not that much ties us together otherwise, other than enjoying the blogosphere—something I felt when I was surfing on specialized in the 1980s and early 1990s, or when email became commonplace soon after. Similarly, Randy Thomas’s ‘Longest Comment Thread Ever’ has seen me connect with people, notably John (a.k.a. Stickyweb), who works in TV in Australia.
   There is such a thing as , which is annoying the experience. And, I imagine, we will have to deal with that, too, as blogs become more commonplace. I no longer enjoy email, so will a day come when I will not enjoy the blogosphere, because have ruined the experience? Yesterday alone, Blogger caught nine , waiting for my (dis)approval. Not a nice way to begin the day.
   What can we do to prevent this from ruining our experiences? Throw more at it, advertise the fact that are moderated, or hope the countries promoting these get their act together and stop these spams?
   Incidentally, over the last four days I have noticed a healthy rise of those folks reading me via their . Thank you for including my blog among your daily reads. Please do send me some feedback as to which posts you are enjoying most: the work ones or the social ones, or whether I have the balance right.
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Hi Jack ... Trust you got my details OK? Thanks for the 'shout' - Strange we should both post re. a bulletin board heritage at the same time!  
Yes, I did, thank you! I have emailed you back privately, so hopefully you have that info in your inbox.  
Hi Jack, Yes, coComment is working great for finding new blogs for me too, including this one.

I agree about spam, but turning on the Spam letters should stop it if it gets to be too much. I have mine turned off aswell, but I think if I start getting more I'll put them on.  
True, we did discover each other’s blogs via coCo. When you say spam letters, do you mean those graphical ones that you need to feed in (the “captcha” codes)? I did have them, but they also cut down on legit comments as well. But, like you, I may well reintroduce them, but I may then have to remove moderation—and in the past I have seen some dodgy ones get through even the captcha system.  
Stickyweb, sorry, I was on the phone when I typed my response—it is strange about the BBS posts! And Randy and I had the same thing with Madonna earlier. Weird stuff.  
Yeah, I have to say, they're a pain to type in all the time, it's just if the bots really get your URL they can go so crazy. I loathe spam.  
hahahha! I was shocked yesterday that I saw my pic on 25peeps.com . Honestly, I did add my blog but I was just thinking that i dunno if they will place my picture and I didnt have anything to post as well so I opted this kissing picture though I have another one though which you can really see me hahahahha  
Charles, I think I saw your address on your site, so I will pop over and grab it and email you for a pic.
   Amp, I hope that these spambots will realize this is a moderated blog, but if not, we may have to return to word verification.  
I've heard of weird ways that people find each other on the internet, but this takes the cake. What a strange and intriguing way of interacting with the world this blogosphere is!  
It amazes me, too, Neil, and thank you for dropping by! I’m sorry I am not as humorous as you in my writing!  
nine spams! I had roughly 8000 in less than 24 hours the other day. Bad Behavior (google it) saved my server's arse ;-)  
How horrible: 8,000! I keep telling folks I am a blogging neophyte, and that sure shows that I am! I have had that many spams in a day via email in the days before we had a proper blacklist working, and we’ve had hundreds via forums—but yes, nine is my record on this blog.
   I’ll Google Bad Behavior as advised to see how your server was saved. Thanks, Tara!  
Tara, found it, but my PHP knowledge is pretty limited. Might ask around …  
Haha! You said bum cleavage.  
It was the best way to describe it, and plumber’s trousers’ syndrome was too cryptic! I must see how you are doing on 25 Peeps.  
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