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Not bad for someone who refused to have his own blog 

This is my 155th post, I am in the top 50,000 (48,384) in Technorati (nowhere near Stowe Boyd’s ‘Starting from Zero’ accomplishments), and I am a top five coCommenter. I guess that’s not bad for someone who, until January, refused to have a blog of his own. When asked how I did it, I replied: luck; the fact this blog is in English; and a lot of links from friends.
   A warm thank-you to all those who have helped, who read me regularly, and who put up with the off-topic posts. Thanks especially to Johnnie Moore for giving me the most encouragement. I am now signing off for the weekend (Saturday 3.52 a.m. here). Have a good one!
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I thought I was posting alot! You and I entered the sphere about the same time Jack and it has been a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you via your blog. We might never have met otherwise which is a great testament to the power of the sphere. Enjoy your weekend!  
Thank you, Mike! I really enjoy reading your blog, too (which, of course, is why it’s in my Blogroll). You have a great weekend, too!  
Good work, Jack!  
Thanks, Stowe! Nowhere near as good as you in building traffic (amazing! In my opinion, you are the master) but I guess not too bad for someone relatively new (sort of) to the blogosphere.  
Brag time: make that number four in coComment, as of tonight. Might not be able to maintain it though, especially if work gets busy.  
Update: top three …  
Congrats Jack, I have a huge Technorati rank. Over 100,000. But then again up until a few days back, Technorati hasn't been pinging me correctly.  
Hi Ryan: thank you for popping by. My ranking is a bit off lately as well, I think. Stowe Boyd experienced the same thing with his blog.
   BTW I hope you didn’t mind me adding this link on your blog (now linked back to you). It was in case you felt Andy was spamming your blog for a coComment. Doesn’t look like he was though.  
Hey Jack,
I often stop by, I just don't know what to say usually more than oh cool or something a long those lines. So I don't post a comment. I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but up until a few days ago, technorati said I haven't pinged for 150+ days. So this said that I hadn't updated since October/November. I even did a number of manual pings. My host is supposed to auto ping on post publishing....
Nope not a problem adding me. More the merrier. I think you are right about Andy, think he was just browsing.  
Hi Ryan: interesting about Technorati. The manual pings usually work for me, so I think in a day or so you’ll see it updated. At one point, Technorati didn’t update me at all and it was like my site didn’t exist but after I wrote them, they sorted it out for me. So I think it might be a Technorati glitch. Took a couple of emails but they were great about it.  
Jack: Yes finally I submited a support question. I waited like a week, no change, nor responce. I was about to e-mail them and be like ok guys can I get this resolved. I checked my ping status just before writing the e-mail, it said it was just updated a few hours ago. I had this issue before and they just said to add this code into my template, I tried to tell them I don't have that level of access, they got confused. It is a glitch.  
That’s a bit poor to not get a response for a week. I think I waited a while for a response, too, but when it came they were really apologetic for the delay and fixed things right away. I found them really friendly (more than I can say for Yahoo!). That’s weird that they are asking for you to insert code.
   I know this is a dumb question, but is there anything in the Technorati documentation covering Wordpress? I know there was a section on Blogger that talked about automatic pings.  
It was, but it was on the back burner for me. I submitted my question just before my finals began. When I coresponded with them months ago, they replied pretty fast then. Plus they kept asking did they cover everything. I asked a few more, and they all were answered. They sent me the code that is here . But was customized for mine.

There is a post on WordPress' FAQ blog: here. That is about all...  
That sounds pretty enthusiastic (the earlier time they got back to you with follow-ups). Glad to hear there are some tech support departments in the US that are on the ball.
   I wonder if Technorati picks up these pings, regardless of the recommended settings. I know with my blog it’s not 100 per cent. In the early days (for me!), say about six months ago at a blog I used to post at, Technorati was really patchy and I recall there was a period of almost a week when they didn’t pick up my pings—even though my Blogger settings were exactly what they said they needed to be. But Technorati then told me they had some sort of upgrade, probably around December or January, and ever since, it’s been a lot better.

Hey Ryan, between this and the last paragraph I checked out your blog. I think there is a slight typo in your tagging. Instead of technorati.com/tags/keyword it needs to be technorati.com/tag/keyword. I think this is the reason Technorati is not picking up your blog. (Not totally sure—maybe they allow tags? But might be worth a try to see if tag works.)  
Yeah, they did another upgrade earlier than that too.
Actually, tag and tags make zero difference. But Tags don't mean anything, because you don't need a slew of tags like I have in mine. To tag a post and to ping a blog is two different things. A ping is saying hey I am alive. Tags are like specfic search items you are saying that post is part of.  
Yes, I know that, but say I did a post with no Technorati tags, and pinged the service. Technorati doesn’t care and it won’t register that post as part of its index. It only cares about those posts with tags. (Can you humour me and try a Technorati tag with the word tag, and not tags? I’d say it’s worth a shot and won’t take you long.)  
Well, technorati is based upon tags...
I'll get a post up in a jiffy  
Cool, thanks Ryan. I’ll keep an eye on it, too. If it works, then yay! If not, I have to say this has me stumped.  
We know the result :-p  
Weird, but it seems to have picked up posts made 17 and 19 days ago—I have a feeling they weren’t in Technorati’s index before (or were they?).  
I have no idea, I actually forget what I was doing, but I found a list of all my tags suppositly used. My biggest being the word computer. This leads me to a conclusion that I am guessing is right...but maybe technorati is just majorly lagging.  
I think you may be right, too, Ryan. Do you know if other Wordpress blogs are getting picked up?  
I believe they are, I am not positive.  
Weird. Would you go back to your original settings (from when Technorati was picking up your pings regularly)? It’s probably not a big deal as we are finding your blog anyway; but I just want to help you as much as possible and not see you miss out on Technorati entries which you are supposed to have.  
What do you mean original settigs? Are you meaning like the post template or what? I'll change it back to the one I had, if the template is causing bad pings I'll fall over. Another thing is I imported old entries when T<0...  
Mind you, if you like your blog template it mightn’t be worth changing. I just thought if there were folks like Technorati telling you add snippets of code to your template, it might be worth taking those out and seeing how you go. Something must have allowed Technorati to accept your pings 150 days ago.  
I am not sure if I do or not. With using wordpress.com, I cannot get direct access to my template. For example, say I want flying monkeys as a background. There is no way for me to implement that currently. I am guessing something happened in the back end.  
I see. I wish it gave you more flexibility. (I don’t really know that much about blogging software though—my good friend Johnnie Moore is on Moveable Type, but I downloaded an early version and had no clue how to set it up!)
   Will Wordpress’s techs help out with your ping issue? I know you’ve tried Technorati’s, so I thought Wordpress’s people could be the next target.  
Yeah I wish it did too. WP opened their doors in the beginning of sept 2005, I was given a beta invite that day, or the day after.

I have wrote them I think a few times, but they haven't replied. Seeing how they only have 5-10 people handling that, they are probably swarmed because anybody can sign up. Back when it was beta, I had a reply from a person, Matt or Donncha, sometimes minutes after my feedback was sent. I am a bit tempted to ask them directly...  
Nothing to lose, Ryan—I think you should. Hey, about the other thread, any thoughts on what extra stuff we can say to keep it going? Could be cool to see it exceed 100 in coComment.  
Hey, Ryan, this is the second-most commented-on blog in the last 10 days, according to coCo. (Yours is first.)  
Yeah I saw that...maybe you should go back to this post and continue it ;-)  
OK, I’ll take the bait! I didn’t know what else to say as I didn’t want to upset C. It seems she isn’t on that thread ever since I said she was a bit of a fox!  
lol, I missed that part. Maybe she just forgot about it since it was a page or so back...  
You’re probably right. What’s her Myspace link, by the way?  
uh her's
Thanks, Ryan. This Myspace thing is pretty cool. I had heard of it, of course, but had never tried it out for myself.  
Did you join? If so feel free to add me.  
I did, Ryan, and thank you. I just haven’t figured out all the functions yet on how to add people—I had a busy day yesterday. (Sometimes, the more tired I get, the more time I spend on blogs commenting casually, with my mind switched off.)  
Ah ok, gotcha. It's all good.  
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