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A selection of books which I have written or contributed to.


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Experience to lead


True experience isn’t repeating groundhog day—or even a groundhog year. Experience is getting out there and learning from new challenges, and bringing all of them back to help others.

After 25 years of running my own businesses, I’ve seen a lot. Fortunately, they have each taken me to very different climes and places, meeting new people, and sustaining new friendships.

I’ve also spent time helping others create new businesses, too.

That means I’ve had to venture outside the bubble, from visiting local businesses as part of my role with Business Mentors New Zealand, to dealing with multinationals.

So when I say I want to grow business, I’ve been putting my money where my mouth is for a good quarter-century.

I’ve seen enough to realize what ingredients led to my success—and enough to have experienced the bad times as well, and what it takes to get back on top. I’m not perfect, but I’ve learned from my mistakes.

You can download some of my speeches here, and check out some of the books I’ve written and contributed to. Head over to my ‘Global’ page for some of the businesses I’m involved in.



‘Jack Yan is an Innovator and a Big Thinker.’

Toby Bloomberg: ‘Blogger Stories: Jack Yan’, Blogger Stories, September 19, 2006