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The same old mayoral campaigns 

A few of my friends and acquaintances are running for Mayor of , challenging incumbent , whose campaign has already cleverly started. Billboards celebrating Wellington have suddenly sprouted campaign messages for Kerry, and it seems she’ll be taking the usual route of mass media. And it might work. The colours are bright, the campaign is optimistic. It even feels , even though it isn’t.
   Meanwhile, restaurateur and occasional Lucire reader John McGrath has said he will enter the race. It’s not so much that John has entered the race, but that a Facebook group exists to help campaign. That at least will make him more appealing to the modern generation, in theory, as it gives him potential to interact with his potential constituents.
   The thing is: he hasn’t yet. He has set up a website, and has put up downloadable videos for starters. His Facebook page has a strange American misspelling and other oddities. He’s also put up a “blog” with no comment links. So I have to ask, with the greatest respect to John, who has shown up to a number of my dos, and to whom I have given money so I can enjoy the food at his joints: how is this different from Kerry’s? It’s the same, one-way campaign, just with different channels.
   I did joke with and Diana Hubbard that perhaps I could run for the in , to show that a Wellingtonian with no interest in living in the larger city could get more votes than Mr Steve Crow, whom I understand is known best for peddling adult material and known less for making the odd lewd comment to my female friends. Let’s say I’ve considered . But I would turn this blog into a campaign one—I mean, why not talk to the people who might put you in power? Get a reputation. Let Wellingtonians nickname you Mayor McHottie as San Franciscans do with . And keep the blog going into the mayoralty: provide real behind-the-scenes stuff.
   I would like to see get to know the candidates, but right now, everything is just too , protecting them in their bubbles. This, naturally, favours Kerry, who has more photo ops and a sense of the familiar. In such a case, it is better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Politics, it seems, remains an old-fashioned game in this mayoral race, with (so far) used as old media always had been.
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Hi Jack,

Thats not the only candidate to use Facebook. The OneAuckland ticket will also have one here:



Its been quite interesting reading about Facebook in the US Presidential elections so far. With Hillary and Obama having strong support in the Democrats, and Libertarian Ron Paul being the Republican with the most Facebook support.  
Hi Mike: I was referring to Wellington for the Facebook stuff but it is interesting to note that OneAuckland has a page up. Other than Dick, I know nothing about Auckland civic politics. Are you involved in this party?  
Yes, running in eden/albert.  
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