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Korean dry-cleaners lose pants; client, US judge, sues for $65 million 

I heard about this yesterday on the news, and my friend Zak in Calif. sent this link: ‘Judge presses $65M suit vs. dry cleaners over missing pants’.
   That’s right. A couple lost the guy’s favourite pants.
   They offered to replace them. They even offered $12,000.
   But apparently, this judge, being , reckons he needs to sue Jin Nam Chung and Ki Chung for $65 million.
   Even the Americans I know are shocked by this. They think this judge, Roy L. Pearson, Jr, is off his rocker.
   He plays directly into the American , though his behaviour is anything but American.
   The couple—Korean —have learned all about the and the system now. The Associated Press reports that they are considering moving back to with their son.
   Odd: Americans have traditionally helped legal immigrants. They go out of their way to show off the best side of their nation.
   Pearson has shown the very worst. He seems to be a bully, who cares less for an equitable and just outcome than vindictiveness, flexing his muscles like an impudent beach boy.
   A man of —a judge, for Chrissake—would never do this in Korea. Plus Judge Pearson should be a man of . He is sworn to uphold the legal system.
   Suing a couple $65 million for a pair of pants is the sort of that Americans believe is not representative of them. They do not want their judges presiding over these ridiculous cases, wasting their taxpayers’ funds; they certainly do not want their judges filing these cases. He is clogging up the justice system. Because he can.
   Judge Pearson’s behaviour, which has made international headlines, does his entire country’s a disservice.
   The Democrats do not need the President as their target when they say their nation’s standing is being destroyed. They have . And he needs to seriously get a grip and a reality check.
   He does not seem like a man of justice to me, nor does he seem like a patriot.
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I agree with you. This 'judge' is out of his mind. Well written article.  
Thank you, Anonymous. That’s two stories involving Korean–Americans making international headlines. And both are connected: if we take Cho Seung-Hui at his word (and we should do so with caution, since he was clearly not of sound mind), his complaint lay in, probably, the gap between the US’s stated values and what he witnessed on campus, and, perhaps, in his lifetime, when he was distanced. The Chungs, now, came to America for a better life, hearing about the American Dream. They, too, have witnessed a Grand Canyon between stated values and reality—even if most Americans are behind them morally or spiritually.
   The difference is that the Chung case has revealed to the couple the kindness of Americans when they support them and their cause against parasites such as Judge Pearson. But I cannot help thinking these two cases are linked, and that the Korean element merely alerts us that we, as societies, need to keep our word on what we say we stand for.  
This judge Roy Pearson needs to seek pshycological help seriously.
It's pretty evedent that his only purpose for all these BS is to give this Korean couple hard time.
He wants to show off "HIS POWER".
This is ridiculous and all the world is laughing at it.  
Not only is it ridiculous and unfair, it will destroy the Chungs. Hopefully someone will step in before it is too late.

Have just discovered your blog (via NZ Reality TV) and will be back. Interesting and well articulated opinions, Jack. Am new to blogging but love the "global family" feel that it brings.  
Anonymous (no. 2), I agree. I even wonder if he has any racial prejudice now.
   Dawn, welcome to my blog! I hope Miss Prozac wasn’t too upset at being corrected at NZ Reality TV, though if you dig around here, I have been corrected more than a few times! Blogs are never going to be as authoritative as regular media, since they are, essentially, opinions and often conjecture, but the great thing is they give us a chance to have a dialogue (hopefully it is welcome), and feedback and comments do make them more democratic.  
My god that is just too much and just for a pair of pants? The system in America should be rechecked and also they should not make huge things out of petty stuff  
I just found out the moron judge lost! He has to pay the court costs of the Chungs and hopefully will have to pay their attorneys fees too, to be decided later. This hits home for me as I used to work customer service, and it was amazing how many customers were out to get me for no good reason. I'd have to tell them something like, "I'm sorry, we're out of stock on that right now," and it for some reason would turn into a campaign to get me fired. There were so many vindictive a-holes like Pearson. Oh, he's done a lot for race relations too. If Sharpton and Jackson really cared about preventing predjudice, they would've stuffed a pair of dry-cleaned pants down his throat the moment he thought up this bogus lawsuit.  
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