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Hang on lads, I’ve got a great ID 

A few clarifications need to be made to next month’s , when it hits newsstands on May 8. From my report on Vodafone ID Dunedin Weekend:

On the night, things progressed smoothly although Viitala had had a few drinks backstage to calm his nerves—and was anything but calm when it was announced he was the winner. His happiness was very apparent to the audience …

Translation: he was pissed off his rocker and loving it.
   And a postscript, which may or may not be edited:

Postscript: Rimington, who flew back a day before I did, was refused carriage by Airport’s drivers as his destination was Lucire HQ—considered too short a fare. As this is the second time Lucire staff have been illegally denied a ride in in six months (see Lucire November 2005), we say ‘Shame’ on the and Wellington taxi profession. Taxi company supervisors and the Taxi Federation will be called to speak to drivers on the spot in future.—JY

Translation: we feel shaming you publicly works better than approaching the Taxi Federation for now. TV3’s Target exposed this last year, but it looks like the taxi profession has not learned its lesson. By telling a few tens of thousands of people about it, they may begin to look at alternatives.
   As stated in Lucire last year, the reputable Corporate Cabs was one of the companies refusing service. Which goes to show: the more your promises, the more I’m bound to notice it when it slips up.
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Update: we may have to postpone this article to the June issue. Why? Courier Post lost all the photographs of the event. Fortunately, we have copies on our hard drive and on a separate CD-ROM, but so much for ‘Track & Trace’, which does not work.  
That sucks about the photos. I see you ditched my blog.  
You assume I ditched your blog. Another wrongful assumption, mind you. Considering I have been visiting over the last few weeks, just not commenting.
   After all, I don’t want to comment at your blog if I am going to be accused of spamming. Since I am in the blogosphere to have fun, I’ve just chosen not to comment.
   Or, for that matter, reading the same accusation the same week when I commented on my own posts, getting an inquisition for four days over the legitimacy of my technique.
   And I do know what you have been writing, saying you ‘pinned’ me for spamming, or saying that you ‘scared me off’. Well, considering you draw pretty wild conclusions, I don’t see the point of joining in. Why be on the defensive in your hobby?
   And what was the aggro over? CoComment rankings, it seems. Frankly, this is so unimportant. And, believe it or not, there are blogs where I don’t use the coComment service.
   If I had to spam, I can comment on anything that takes my fancy without stopping by your blog and raising your ranking. I could go to countless blogs and say, ‘Hey, nice post!’ Did it not occur to you that paying you a legitimate compliment and raising your blog’s coComment ranking were good things? Or that, in so many other blogs, I do compliment people on the links they post?
   I am simply using a service for what it was designed for. What I can’t work out is if you wish for me to continue visiting your blog or not, because making wrongful assumptions and accusations are hardly encouraging.
   I don’t believe you are a bad person, Ryan, but I blog for leisure, to chill out, and I go to blogs where I can do that. I know we don’t see eye to eye on some things. Nothing wrong with that: if we were all the same, the planet would be boring. But for now, I just don’t feel that commenting at your blog was chilling out. Scared me off? Hardly.  
[sorry for the lateness I had exams and lost what I had before]

Then I guess you are also assuming wrong on me, or you are really biting your tongue. The last time I checked you loved to comment. You mentioned this several times both here and my blog.

As for paragraph 2, as I mentioned in my comment it looks as though you are just boosting. I didn't go back in yuor blog, but since you have been in the top 10 it was happening more and more. I can't pull links but c'mon, once it was like 5 minutes after you posted, and you picked up in the middle of a sentence and wrote a few paragraphs.

You talked about how you wanted to share your findings for your readers, but sometimes your update isn't comment #1, which sends people for a hunt. here is an example. If I did it the way you did, the note about the bug still being there would send people scrolling, literally.

I only said I scared you off because as I said above you love commenting and you are silent. I only pinned you for spamming because after you saw you hit the bottom of the top users list, you were like 'hehe it'd be funny to catch you.' At that point you had under a 100comments for the 10 day period. Then overnight or two days, that number jumped to just under 400 comments. Now I don't know the figures but putting that in a regular curve, that would put you at ~40 comments a day. Then you can shoot off averages, like 5 minutes per comment. That would say you spent 3.3 hours just typing replies. But I was merely talking about the fact, I went to bed with you having 300ish comments and turning around and you having double that...

What do you mean by aggro? Well, I was upset at first, but thought that it was sad I was upset. Hence me not commenting. The second you said "ryan I want to catch you." your comments doubled in such a small ammount of time, it said to me pretty darn clearly, your goal was to surpass me.

How would your spamming effect me? Yeah the top blog comments, but the hits I get from that are minimal, it would mainly help you...

I only pointed my finger at you in this post, because this was in the line of days you reminded me almost daily that you were nearing me, so why not another knotch, eh? If this link/post was done a week earlier I would have laughed at it.  
I will start with this rhetorical question: why was my blogging frequency and style not a problem before, and why did they become a problem for you only after I have surpassed you on coComment?
   Boy, you are really obsessed about these coComment figures. And you keep bringing up old stuff which I have already answered but put another angle on them. Is it because you don’t understand my responses the first time?
   This is daft. Frankly, Ryan, I don’t keep an eye on the figures. I did a few times and noted where I was. I knew when I cracked 1,000, but only by chance. Then I plain forgot about them. You are the only one who brings them up.
   Again: I explained over four days exactly why I use the comment feature for postscripts. You don’t believe that. Fine. It is your choice. It must be pretty sad to live a life where you disbelieve everyone or you suspect every little thing people do.
   Postscripts are just that: postscripts. Sometimes a thought will occur to me five minutes after a post. I guess you have never had a call for a postscript in your life. Stop revisiting this stuff. I have already responded. If you still don’t believe me, keep it to yourself from now on. I am not interested.
   In your world, Chrono is a fraud. Now, I am a spammer. I was unaware that in Washington state it is now guilty till proved innocent.
   I have no idea what you are on about with my sharing findings with my readers. What findings? When did I ever say this? I discuss what I have discuss, and Wordpress has never been one of my topics. What does when I comment have to do with what I post?
   I also have no idea about your comment about ‘biting my tongue’. Sure I enjoy visiting blogs and commenting when appropriate. That is my hobby. I already said so. Again, if you read my above comment, you will realize that I do not enjoy commenting at your blog any more. One innocent compliment was deemed as spamming, in your book—which means you don’t want me to comment. Now you are annoyed because I have not been commenting?
   Yet why should I comment there? To be a target for you? Poor Chrono. When you got sick of his comments, you implied he had a homosexual attraction to you last week. What does his sexuality have to do with anything? Then there were the usual comments about spamming, deleting, and the like. Why would I choose to visit a blog like that? Your accusations toward him started small, too, I seem to recall, before you two got into greater conflict. Is this what you have in store for me, because we have begun down the same route? No thanks, Ryan.
   Let’s now look at your beloved statistics. I am sick of these, so I’ll waste time on your precious numbers once and for all, and hope this will at least show you, and those reading our dialogue, just what they are. I am doing this out of courtesy to you.
   I have glanced briefly at my comments (not a huge look, mind—you obviously study them daily) and the most I have done is around 25 a day. (A few others in coComment come close to that.) I have no idea where your 40 a day figure comes from. If I am up for, say, nine hours at the computer, then that is about three an hour. If I did what you accuse me of, commenting once every five minutes, then that is 108 a day. This never happened.
   You, on the other hand, are doing far fewer. You have always done fewer with, maybe, the exception of coComment’s early days, which propelled you to the top.
   It was inevitable that I would overtake you just on rate. If you look at coComment’s top users, there are a lot of people who have a higher rate of commenting than you, too. If these rates stay constant, they will eventually overtake you.
   When did I say ‘I want to catch you’? Maybe you misunderstood. It could have been a humorous line, but I do not recall ever writing that. Show me a link.
   You say you went to bed with my having 300 comments and when you “turned around” I had doubled that. You really are obsessed with these stats, aren’t you? If you go back into the stats, there was no day—ever—where I fed in 300 comments. In fact, you had no period of absence—since you are on the blogs frequently yourself—during which I managed to type 300 comments.
   I thought I overtook you when we had around 800—I don’t remember. Were you keeping an eye on the top 20 table all that time? Watching me going from 300 to 800?
   Please don’t think my life revolves around beating you in coComment. I have bigger things to deal with. If you were my target, then don’t you think I would have taken a break after I passed you?
   And take a look at my comments. Almost all are about the things that interest me: politics, cars, marketing, business. Your own blog was an exception, where for a time we had a bit of fun with non sequiturs. In many cases I write substantive comments. Does this seem like someone who is boosting, or someone exchanging views?
   Of course my commenting benefits me as well as you. My benefit comes from being able to track my comments, which was what coComment was developed for. If they deleted the top commenters’ page now, I would not care. Heck, I didn’t even look at it till today—it was the first time in ages.
   Let’s just call it a day, Ryan. Obviously whatever explanation I give you is not good enough. Let’s just get on with our lives, OK?
   I won’t make the threats you made to Chrono on your blog, but unless your next comment shows acceptance of my word, with no more rehashes of things that have already been answered, then I may not dignify you with a response. I will add that you should be very careful of libel.
   God bless you, and I hope you move on with your life. But before you do, please delete the duplicate for this entry from your coComment count. Putting two into coComment—now that’s spamming, isn’t it? I know if anyone else did it, you would hold them to task.  
Hey Jack,

I think I've got over the comment verification atlast. Actually, enabled images as it's the first of the month and thought I should definitely give your blog a nice comment, wanting to do that for quite sometime.

As I said, you have a very good style of writing. Really good. And Kato (karthiksn.wordpress) agrees with me (we actually talked about this in our meet!). Please continue the good work ,you've got one nice RSS subscriber hooked. :))

You seem to be having a very intelligent conversation with Ryan over here. :D

9 Hours infront of your computer... wow... My time management hardly leaves 2. Though be careful about your eyes mate!

Personally I think Ryan takes a lot of things a bit too seriously and goes out of his way for certain things but he's a good guy! /me don't like saying bad about anybody.

As for coComment, I agree, after I saw my name at No#10, I had the urge to come to No#1 (Neva been able to thanks to you two. :LOL!) But then I lost it and began to really use cocomment in the true way. As I visit a lot of blogs and always like to comment, it helps me. Waiting for the track all posts feature. Jack, you gonna enable it in your blog? or you dunnit?

I remember someone accused me of tagging many of my posts as "Chrono-Tron" to spread my blog. Actually all I wanted to do was to tag my posts with the blog's name, so things become easier for me. I do it for all blogs I visit.

And I think ryan just went a bit overboard with cocomment here. He's jealous, I guess. If not, I'm sorry! And he took you beating him a bit too seriously. LOL! Congo on the 1000 mate!

BTW, if you don't like to answer, please don't, but are you chinese? Just curiousity.

Just a ques: Why do you have image verifications and Comment Moderation? Listen and type is coolm uerb-cool!  
Thanks for popping by, Chrono Cracker and for your nice words. The quick one first: I have image verification for the obvious reason, but as for also having approval—well, no huge reason any more. The original motive was that Blogger (I believe) was so feature-poor that there was no way for regular Joes like me to delete comments, I believe. I might take your tip and turn it off.
   Like you, I don’t believe Ryan is a bad guy—not for a moment. I believe he is a bit obsessed with these numbers, but as I said, I would not care if that top commenters’ page disappeared today. The page I usually go to is ‘My comments’—I don’t want to save blogs like The Hollywood Extra in my blog roll as it is a hobby site for me, rather than a related blog, so coCo is great for that.
   I blog and comment as I want to, I use the service as it was intended, end of story. No contest involved at all! I did get a buzz when I crossed 200 comments, but that was the last time I remember actually getting excited about the figures.
   And yes, I am Chinese. I have a feeling the top commenters over the last 10 days are Asian.  
Jack: I wouldn't have said a thing if you hadn't basically said Ryan I want to surpass you on coComment, I wouldn't have said a word. But as I have said you told me your goal a few times, and pointed out that I better watch out, made me aperhensive. Your always reminding me caused me to check how close you really were...You just say it happen naturally. If it was natural, why did you make a point telling me you wanted to catch and surpass or be head-to-head with me? This is why I keep asking, and I only get it's natural as a reply. Granted I pointed out you probably made around 300 comments in a 24-36 hour period...

Chrono redeemed himself with the Michael Arrington interview. But I believe he is still somewhat of a fraud, why? Check out this post he posted how he tried to play a dirty trick on blog herald...he's written about his love/enjoyment of Blog Herald...You know what I don't care, I didn't read all your nor chrono''s post go ahead and bash me, and whatever.  
I have never bashed you. I criticize you, but I do not bash you. If you cannot take criticism (and it is becoming apparent you cannot), then don’t give it. In fact, don’t blog. Don’t comment. But impugn my integrity, and I will defend myself, as you have discovered.
   Oh, what did I just say about bringing up stuff that has already been answered? Do you not understand this? Or are you simply too disrespectful to accede to a simple request?
   Again I have never said I had any goal of surpassing you on coComment.
   Again I state that I do not look at the coComment figures regularly. I remember hitting the top 10 because it is on the coCo home page. I remember getting to second for the same reason. As I have already said, I may have visited the commenters’ page a few times, maybe once or twice a month, and if I made any comparison between my figures and yours, it would have been in jest.
   And, really, Ryan, when did I say any of the stuff you accuse me of? When did I say I wanted to beat you? Do you actually want to produce some evidence for once? Come on, point out the post where I said I wanted to be number one, where I wanted to beat you, where I made this my life-long goal. I know you can’t, which is why you have not. Because it never happened.
   Again, I have never made 300 comments in 24–36 hours! I have already said that. The coComment statistics will bear that out. Unless you want to point to this miraculous period where this supposedly happened. I don’t think you can. Because it never happened.
   Who is the real fraud here?
   You have not deleted your duplicate from this thread out of coComment. It is not the only one. Who is the real comment spammer here?
   Again, please don’t bring up stuff I have already answered. Please stop revisiting and revisiting and revisiting the same old stuff. This is getting very boring. Move on with your life, man!
   In conclusion, I will say this once again: Ryan, I do not give a damn about the figures. Never have. Never will. If you love these numbers so much, argue with yourself. Keep your delusions to yourself. I am not interested.
   Finally, if you do not care about my posts, or Chrono’s, then why keep coming back here? To lose arguments? Why did you quote his post? Just do what you say you would do and stop visiting our blogs. Save yourself the heartache.
   I hope you don’t care, and that you mean it this time. I really do. It would save me a lot of time in what is my hobby. Spending my leisure time on writing the same stuff to you over and over and over again is just unproductive.
   If anyone wishes to post something on topic, please do so. Chrono, if you choose to defend yourself here, I will allow that.  
PS.: And this isn’t on coComment—many of the above questions are rhetorical. If you do not know what it means, look it up.  
Chrono, I forgot to answer a few points. The nine hours I mentioned was hypothetical—I could not work out Ryan’s statistics on how I could do a blog post every five minutes, so I offered that as a way of actually siding with him to see if his argument held water. Despite my working this out for him, he still maintains today that I did 300 in 24–36 hours, but has yet to show me when (or how!) I did this. Because I sure as heck do not know, and coComment doesn’t record this as ever having happened!
   Please also thank Kato for his kind words. I am really flattered.  
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