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Not for sale 

I have had two enquiries—though they are by no means the first—from people who want to buy various domains I own. The most common request is for jya.net, which I assume is appealing due to its brevity. (Jya.com was bought by John Young Architect a long time ago and Mr Young and I have had a good discussion about it.) Yesterday, I received one for lucire.com.
   Neither email is detailed:


I was wondering if jya.net is available?




I was searching for domains and came across your contact details.

I would be interested in purchasing the website lucire.com.

If you are willing to sell then please contact with a price your willing to sell for.

Kind Regards,

Now, Lee has been more sensible in writing a longer-winded post, but note he doesn’t want to just buy the domain, it’s the entire site.
   You have to wonder.
   For starters: if you guys are domain name dealers, I am not going to negotiate with someone writing me from Gmail or mail.com. (An address with [email protected] sounds very dodgy.) It doesn’t elicit much confidence.
   The second question I have to ask is: did you even look at the sites? Do you not realize there are businesses behind them? Businesses with 10 and 20 years’ goodwill?
   I replied to one of these enquiries once (they all read like Jim’s one) and asked what sort of figure I would be turning down. No reply. In fact, I used to reply to a few of them declining their enquiry, but now I am getting more convinced they are spam address harvesters trying to confirm if the address works. (In such a case, the cheeky bastards succeeded.)
   As to Lee, I started off writing a reply, along the lines of: ‘If you buy this, then it comes with several print magazine editions and licensing deals for products. The starting price is …’ and I named a figure closer to my time and monetary investment. I also noted the trade marks involved. I couldn’t finish the email without sounding like an arrogant prick, so I decided to lay off and treat the message as spam, too.
   Lee, if you are reading this, sorry dude, it ain’t for sale. I would seriously recommend you change your approach if you’re legit.

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Jack, this sounds eerily similar to an item of spam I received yesterday from a employee of tripodukonline advising me that dpcreative.net is due for expiry (whois claims that it's already expired). It sounds like a way of conning lots of money out of people out of fear of not having a domain they think you should have. There are phone numbers on the guy's signature - but it could still be an elaborate hoax. The documentation for domain transfer would probably mysteriously disappear...then they'd ask for more money of course! And if all else fails at least they would've found a live email address to send more spam to.  
I received the same message from lee on Friday too, word for word except with my domain, giggleland.com in its place. Thanks for validating that it's spam!  
I did too receive the exact same message regarding a domain name that is really isn't of value for anyone except myself (it is my name).

Definitely spam harvesting.  
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