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Blogger-to-WordPress geeks: I want to hear from you 

OK, I’ve now read the site about what their service offers. My question now is: anyone want to tell me what their Blogger to WordPress transitions were like? Can I make a WordPress look like this one and host it at the same place? Can I hack my posts’ HTML?
   I’d rather hear from users, rather than brochureware pages. The computer industry has let me down too often for me to believe anyone.
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Wordpress is super easy to get your arms around. You'll find this cms to be very intuitive and you'll discover there are virtually no limits if you're willing to dig in. You will also find a huge selection of plugins and themes to customize the look and functionality that you currently don't experience with blogger. Now I have personally never done a transfer from blogger to wordpress but I can't imagine it to be nothing more than a bit time consuming to transfer files and the like. I am sure you can host it at the same place you do now since wordpress requirements are not anything out of the ordinary but do check with your host. Your host may even offer "Fantastico" which will install wordpress with one click. Hope some of this was helpful in your decision making and good luck!  
Thank you, JT. I feel a lot happier about the prospect of shifting over to Wordpress now.  
Classic - I hadn't seen this post, but I agree. Wordpress is great and very flexible - huge community also. Wordpress has been often used as a regular CMS too a few local examples include keeping it legal lots of room to customise, and heaps of plug-ins from the community.  
One major improvement is the chance to get rid of the lousy comment system Blogger offers. :D

You have to be very specific today asking about WordPress. Do you mean "WordPress.com", the free hosted version of WordPress, or "WordPress.org", the free full version of WordPress. Big difference between the two, while there is much in common.

With the full version, you can do anything you want. Imports from Blogger are done by hundreds every day without stress. You just have to find and pay for your own hosting.

With the WordPress.com free version, you can do anything you want, as long as you work within the limitations of the free service, or pay more for more options. You can only use the "Plugin-style" features they offer, not of your own choice. There are ~55 different WordPress Themes (looks) to choose from, but if you pay $15USD you can use the highly customizable Sandbox Theme and design your own.

I've been blogging for 4 years with the full version of WordPress and almost 2 years with WordPress.com and continue to use both. Both meet the needs of the blog I'm running on the different services. You need to choose for yourself.  
Lorelle, thank you for clarifying that. I’m still a neophyte when it comes to the different WordPresses. This Blogger blog is self-hosted so I imagine I will go for a similar set-up with WordPress.  
Hi Jack :-)

I'm thinking of moving my personal blog over to WP too - I already have two self-hosted blogs on the platform and it is much better, and far more adaptable.

I think there was a problem with importing from new Blogger initially, but as far as I know that has been ironed out. I'll check and get back to you about that if you like.

As for customisation. I'm not sure what level of ability you have, but if you know the basics it shouldn't be too difficult for you to replicate this template, or at least get very close.

The plugins your other commenters have mentioned are brilliant, most are very easy to install, but powerful, and give you the oportunity to add a whole new level of funcionality and customisation.

If you need any help just give me a yell.  
Jack, I dont know if this is relavant but when I was a BLOGGER and switched over to Typepad since I too was unhappy with what did and didnt do, I found that my comments did not transfer over with the posts that I had made up until that time. So if its important that the comments follow your posts, it maybe something you want to look into. Let me know, since I have been looking into WordPress as well. However after looking at your comments here on this post, I see that some folks gave some input on WordPress that I found helpful and may just stay with my Typepad. Good Luck  
Hi. You may also want to give TextPattern a try:

From what I recall, it's a bit simpler than WordPress, and comes from more of typesetter's background.

I've played around with both WordPress and TextPattern, and they're both good.  
I moved over from Blogger to Wordpress, and it was pretty simple, quick, and easy. You may need to manually update image links in your converted Wordpress blog if you originally uploaded them within Blogger.  
Morriss, thank you. I am glad to hear real-world reports like yours. I think only one image was uploaded into Blogger; I linked all the other ones manually.  
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Entries from 2006 to the end of 2009 were done on the Blogger service. As of January 1, 2010, this blog has shifted to a Wordpress installation, with the latest posts here.
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